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Stop struggling, limit the risks, enjoy success, and support your family

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After coaching more than 2000 entrepreneurs and business owners in the last 10 years to start or scale their business, I noticed that those who propelled forward and got the results they planned for quickly, had two things in common:
1- They apply what we call the speed of implementation.
2- They have the right support systems.

The right support system can be one or all of the following:

  • A family that supports them.
  • A tribe or community that is like-minded. 
  • Their own leadership skills and persistence.
  • Proper strategy based on how uniquely they are predisposed to run their business. 
  • Mentors.

But most importantly:

A coach that helps you monetize your talent and passion

Let us be honest, many start a business without really thinking it over, or without knowing what to expect or what to do (I was one of those), or they get trapped in their own tunnel vision thinking that they will figure it out on their own, or they can find all the answers for free on the Internet.
This fixed and scarcity mindset makes it hard for them to see that they need help from someone that has been there and made it successfully to the other side.

The same mindset makes them feel trapped being unable to see how they can afford to hire a coach to accelerate their success.
Entrepreneurship is not for the faint heart and can get really lonely especially if you are trying to do everything on your own with no guidance or no one to call on when you hit a roadblock as:

  • Maximizing the chances of trials and errors 
  • Selling a product or service that no one wants 
  • Applying the wrong business model that is not scalable 
  • Working hard for a long time but on the wrong track 
  • Getting stuck in your own tunnel vision, frustrated, or might even quit

It does not have to be that way

This is one of the many reasons I created this
Coaching program for entrepreneurs and business owners.


How to turn your talent into strength, start generating income, leverage your business either starting or scaling it in 9 weeks

Meet your Coach

My name is Sahar Andrade. I am an award-winning entrepreneur, my entrepreneurship
coaching programs for one of the cities in Southern California received “Congressional
Recognition” and I was voted one of the “20 most successful businesswomen in 2020”.

I have coached more than 2000 entrepreneurs in the last 10 years either in my own business or being a business advisor for SBDC (A subsidiary of the Small Business Administration).

When I started I struggled for a long time, went down rabbit holes that almost made me abandon my dreams, I would spend days and weeks trying to find a piece of information to move forward, never found resources all in one place.
I would either stumble through a piece of information that I needed or go through many trials and errors. And I was spending a lot of money buying a Guru’s program one after the other including their up-sell with zero results BECAUSE ENTREPRENEURSHIP IS NOT A COOKIE-CUTTER ENDEAVOR, and there is no magic wand or formula that will make you 6 figures in 90 days PERIOD.

Molly Casey

"The first thing that struck me about Sahar was her authenticity. Her willingness and desire to help others in their journey is palpable. Sahar pulls from her extensive education and impressive professional background to lead others to the greatness within themselves. I'm grateful to know her and that she's in my corner!"

Krystal Cruz

"I had the pleasure to be a student of Sahar Andrade. As a practitioner that is creating an acupuncture niche business, I couldn't have asked for a better instructor and motivator. I now have the tools to take my idea and make it an actual business. I loved the class so much, I wish it were longer! I miss my evenings with Sahar and her positive, inspiring spirit. Every future student is guaranteed an insightful and educational course."

Anna Wang

"Sahar is very knowledgeable and helpful. Her classes were life-changing for me. I re-grouped and re-focused on her class, and she taught me how to get my long and short term goals in place. Sahar is my life-coach, and she was available outside the class to help as well. I would highly recommend her and her classes."

How is this 9-week coaching program different?

  • Have you wondered if you have enough knowledge or experience that will attract customers to your business? 
  • Do you keep saying you will start/ scale your business but never really do it or just start then get discouraged with the first challenge? 
  • Do you keep telling yourself my industry is saturated? 
  • Do you keep telling yourself you have nothing different to offer?
I want it!

I was of the mindset that I cannot afford hiring a coach and I struggled, did not advance, worked 18 hours a day/ 7 days a week till it affected my family life. Then I was faced with the reality that I needed help; I could not keep resisting anymore. And miraculously I found the money to pay my coach and it was the best decision I have ever made.
After that it was an easier ride to success and making the money I always wanted to make, living the dream while enjoying both my personal and professional success.

While in that journey and after more than 20 years of education, first-hand experience, working and coaching in global markets. I realized that I was different, I do things differently – I do not follow the classic rules of entrepreneurship and it worked like magic for me and for my clients.
I do not focus on all the usual classic marketing strategies and tactics. Through my experience of building two successful businesses and working with over 2000 entrepreneurs on their business; I see that building a business and being an entrepreneur HAS to be handled differently now in the world of distractions and social media we live in, and even more so in the future.

And this is why blindly following random strategies and working with generic templates following principles shared with everyone else that is an entrepreneur without consideration which markets they are in, who is their customer, what is their unique skills and genius, what is their value proposition and most importantly who is the entrepreneur and what is their mindset is probably not going to get you very far.

 If you can relate to any of the above points, then let me tell you; you are wrong.  We are all unique in our way and in our story:

  • Whatever you are offering someone else needs it, someone else knows less than you do and needs your knowledge. 
  • What if I asked you to close your eyes and think what if you had no chance to fail, what would you do? Would start or scale your business now? 
  • There is always a place for your genius and talent, you can be a specific solution.
    for an issue that exists in the market or you can fill a gap. 
  • You are unique because you are YOU and there is ONLY one of YOU that have your story, life experiences, skills, passion, and purpose. Bringing your authenticity and being genuine will work for you.

This is what I help you to do, dive inside yourself and find out:

  • Your passion 
  • Your purpose 
  • Your story that will become part of your brand  positioning 
  • Your talent and skills and turn them to strengths that will generate revenues and income.

I believe you already have all the answers inside of you, I will help you understand them and bring them to the surface to function for you I believe you have a zone of genius that I will coach you get in touch with it and build on it.
Our program is based on a proven methodology stemming from psychology, personal leadership principles and NLP practices.
It is based on who you are as a person, as a leader, as an entrepreneur from the inside out and mostly what is your passion and where you want to take your business.

Are you ready to step into your greatness and launch or scale your business the right way finally gearing it to success?

Introducing the:

“9-week entrepreneur coaching program of How to turn your talent into strength, start generating income, leverage your business either starting or scaling it“

Stop struggling, limit the risks, enjoy success, and support your family.

This is a live program not pre-recorded videos, offered in 9 modules, meeting virtually. These are the benefits:

  1. 9-live virtual weekly modules with me personally 60 to 90 minutes. 
  2. Workbooks and exercises for each module.  
  3. Ability to email homework every week to be looked at and receive comments. 
  4. A supporting tribe community with like-minded entrepreneurs that cheer for your success and will support you when needed in a PRIVATE EXCLUSIVE FACEBOOK group (by invite only).  
  5. Active interaction in the Facebook group either by me or by our administrators. 
  6. Will host business experts in LIVE sessions in the Facebook group to help you develop better skills. 
  7. Ability to schedule one on one coaching if needed for 30 minutes with me to keep you on track.  
  8. You will get an online copy of my best seller book “49 things about entrepreneurship- that gurus do not want you to know”.  
  9. Generous bonuses as mentioned later.

This is what you will take away from this program:

  • Know which type of entrepreneur you are. 
  • Develop the right mindset so it can work for you not against you. 
  • Develop your growth mindset. 
  • Create your success habits that will increase your productivity. 
  • Pick the right business model. 
  • Connect with your passion and purpose and use them to lead you to success. 
  • Get deep into your unique story. 
  • Find your specific strengths, talent, and skills. 
  • Define your brand and brand positioning. 
  • Learn how to market the business the right modern way that will connect with your client and emotionally engage them. 
  • Define your vision, mission, and elevator pitch. 
  • Know how the name of your business makes a huge difference to be found online. 
  • Know who is your customer, your niche, how to find them and connect with them? 
  • Create the concept of your business and create your capability statement. 
  • Get in touch with the leader inside of you to lead yourself and your business to success. 
  • Discuss a couple of ways on how you can price your services. 
  • Understand why your online presence is crucial to your business and generating income.  
  • Remove your fear from Social Media and make it work for you the right way. 
  • Learn what are the pillars and categories of Social Media. 
  • Get educated about what to post on social media and how while learning which channels to use for social media. 
  • Know where to get free to use pictures online that you can use in your social media post. 
  • Sell, sell, sell and make money.
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Blueprint for self-motivation $297.00
Cheat Sheet for entrepreneurs $197.00
Starter guide for Goal setting $297.00
How to get rid of the 3 most destructive habits that keep you from success $297.00
How to Minimize Procrastination- 3 module online program $797.00
Live Facebook training with business experts $997.00
Monthly Q&A $1297.00
Monthly Q&A $1297.00
Exclusive membership to Facebook community Priceless
TOTAL $4179.00

How It Works:

  1. Click on “Sign me up” and pay for the 9-week coaching program. 
  2. You will have a choice to PAY IN FULL, or choose to pay in PAYMENTS.  
  3. Join our PRIVATE EXCLUSIVE FACEBOOK group and become part of our mastermind community. 
  4. Get your bonuses as soon as you sign up. 
  5. Have a 14-day refund guarantee. 
  6. Keep your FREE bonuses even if you decide that the program is not for you.
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The Cost

First, let me ask you this how much your indecision, stagnation, trial, and errors, learning curves on your own has been costing you?
What will happen if you do not get help and stay in the same place next year same time, how much will this cost you?
Then imagine your life a year from now after you learn the principles that we share in the program, most importantly that you start applying them the right way – how would your life and the lives those dear to you will look like?
I usually do group coaching for only 3 modules for $997.00, but I decided to serve you as much as I can especially that we all have been through a very hard year in 2020, but at the same time get some revenues (I run a business after all).

All the 9 live modules, with all the FREE bonuses, will cost you ONLY $1284.00.

Full payment


best value

  • Everything included in the 3 payments plan - PLUS
  • 5 module coaching course
    “Maximize your personal productivity”
    usually sold for $697.00

3 payments of



  • 9-Live modules
  • All workbooks
  • MP3 of every session
  • All Bonuses
  • Being part of the Facebook exclusive group

14-Day Moneyback Guarantee

If you join our 9-week Start and scale your business acceleration coaching
program for entrepreneurs and follow our modules and homework for 14 days,
participate in the Q&A Calls and group feedback, implement and complete the action
steps and feel it is not for you.
We will provide extra coaching support to help you launch or issue you a 100% refund if
we decide we cannot help you launch successfully.

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